The Olives

We specifically choose the varieties of olives used in our Oleavia Olive Oils for their unique flavor qualities. Many olive oils combine oils from different regions. At Oleavia, we use two different types of olives to create our oils. Both are handpicked and processed at the location where it is grown and NEVER combined with other oils. We use the Memecik olive to produce our Savrandere and Asilik editions. This olive provides a bold rich flavor with a peppery undertone.

For our Havaalani I Edition we crush the Memecik type olive with Ayvalik type, which is known for its mild taste. The difference in flavor between this edition from Savrandere and Asilik editions is that it is significantly lighter.

Harvesting & Pressing

In addition to selecting a premium variety of olives, the process used to make Oleavia Olive Oils ensures maximum freshness, taste, and quality. Throughout the Mediterranean, olives are traditionally harvested in November and December when olives are ripe and produce a higher yield. We harvest the olives used to make Oleavia Olive Oils in October. By most standards, this is considered an early harvest, generally resulting in a lower yield. The benefit, however, is that the fruit maintains higher levels of phenolic antioxidants and oleocanthal. We handpick the olives to prevent bruising or damage during the harvesting process.

Within hours of their harvest, we cold press the olives in a closed-system that prevents the oil’s exposure to light and air. This preserves the health benefits of the oil. To further avoid oxidization, we store the oil in a stainless steel cask under a layer of nitrogen. We then bottle the oil directly from the cask.

Cold pressing is a way to make olive oil without the use of heat or chemicals. Many types of olive oil are processed by pressing olives at higher temperatures. This method is known to produce a greater yield, but at the expense of the quality of the oil’s health benefits. Cold press processing retains the nutrients, purity, and freshness of taste found in a premium olive oil.

a healthy choice

Including extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in your diet can improve your health and may help prevent some of today's leading health concerns. The following properties of EVOO may provide health benefits that make it a healthy choice for cooking:

• Rich in monounsaturated oleic acid and antioxidants which may reduce your risk for heart disease

• Natural anti-inflammatory properties including oleic acid and oleocanthal may help reduce joint pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic issues caused by inflammation.

• Has been linked to lowering blood pressure, increasing HDL cholesterol and preventing LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation, potentially reducing the risk of stroke.

• May improve brain health. Some studies suggest that olive oil consumption may delay the onset of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Loomed from 100% turkish cotton

Being from Turkey we know how functional and convenient our Turkish towels are. We carefully designed and brought a collection that would accommodate many different tastes and desires. Our family deeply values high-quality standards and excellence in the service we provide. Made of 100% long staple Turkish cotton, our textiles contain no harmful chemicals and are loomed by local artisans in a small town in Turkey. We hope you will enjoy your experience with our collections and know they will become your favorite towel, throw, or wrap!

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